Synchrony 2013-2021, Lorena Mal. Installation View. 
Have you heard of our new partners?

We´re thrilled to anounce that the Old Stone House (OSH) has become one of the partnering institutions of BioBAT Art Space for the Common Frequencies exhibition. On February 6th, February 20th, and March 6th, the OSH will host a series of listening sessions created by some of the artists that are part of Common Frequencies. The programing will be free and open to the public.

The featured artists are inspired by nature, resonance, mechanics, electricity, and magnetism and take these phenomena as the basis for the invention of poetic mechanisms that permit the possibility of tuning into multiple natural frequencies —emerging from minerals, animals, bacteria, plants, and humans.
These visual and sonic lanscapes will present: a 24hour stream of the heartbeat of 88 animal species; an exploration of the magnetic properties of a mineral through sound; a journey through the sounds that different bodies of water can create depending on their levels of pollution.