Synchrony 2013-2021, Lorena Mal. Installation View. 
Synchrony, Concert

Please join us for the live presentation of Synchrony, series of events for 2 pianos and multiple interpreters, by Lorena Mal and with performers Lauren Aloia, Ian Miller, Daniel Rudin and Madeline Smith. 

Synchrony explores various notions of ‘living’ time through the meeting between systems that measure its passing.
The project takes the standard metronome as main subject to inquire, and departs from the coincidence between the human heartbeat and it’s limits to propose another sense of pace beyond a dominant history of human “law” (metronome, metron “measure” and nomos “regulating, law”), based on the heartbeat data of all living organisms found publicly to date on scientific literature, as polyrhythmic relations to experience different bodies across states of sleep, hibernation, calm and activity. 

This concert is presented in the framework of Common Frequencies at BioBAT Art Space on June 5th, at 5 pm. 

This event is free and open to the general public. 

Pianos by Steinway & Sons

Program for the Concert