Izq: Syreny by Tania Candiani / Der: Almost Non-Human by Interspecifics
MAY 1 ST - OCT 16 TH 2021 *
1 de Mayo
Opening Reception, Common Frequencies. .
January 2021
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February 2021
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February 2021
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March 2021
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April 2021
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May 2021
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June 2021
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September 2021
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October 2021
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*This programming is subject to change.

Common Frequencies plans to be a platform for artistic and scientific research and a common-ing space to develop connections with the local community and the wider NYC area.

Approaching these concepts from an artistic viewpoint in an accessible context, like an exhibition, will offer the Sunset Park community the opportunity to engage in a critical dialogue that emphasizes the importance of multidisciplinary practices towards invention and the creation of new collaborative systems.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of free bilingual programs that aim to engage the local community in discussions that will allow for the participation of families, young adults, and children.

Tsinamekuta, by Marcela Armas. Video Still. Image: Marcela Armas

by Marcela Armas

This video piece presents the result of a long process of creation and invention of a series of instruments for the detection and interpretation of the sound of the magnetic memory of a mineral. This project was created in collaboration with the Wixarika people and raises an ethical consideration about the mineral world as the foundation of life, and a space for reflection on the meaning of intention in human contact with nature.

by Gilberto Esparza

Gilberto will be performing with BioSoNot 1.2, a hybrid bio-sound instrument that translates biological activity into sound as it cleans contaminated water samples. During the performance, BioSoNot 1.2 will generate music and noise from the biological activity of living microorganisms inhabiting the waters by the Bush Terminal park in Brooklyn.

BioSoNot V1.0 (Microbial Fuel Cell Symphony), Gilberto Esparza

Lorena Mal, Synchrony, 2021 sound action and score 2 pianos and 4 interpreters variable durations (4 movements from 4’ to 8’) sound action/sound installation

by Lorena Mal

The sound action consists of 4 movements to be interpreted on 2 pianos and 4 interpreters that coordinate their playing in a synchronic and synergic way, while having a visual correspondance that allows to see all the coincidences between pulses. This piece will be performed by Madeline Smith, Ian Miller, Daniel Rudin y Lauren Aloia.

Household Requiem
by Tania Candiani, en colaboración con Rogelio Sosa y el Grace Chorale Brooklyn

Join us for the closing performance of the Common Frequencies exhibition. The presented piece was composed in response to the pandemic, and the lives that have been lost since 2020. It brings together the inner and external sounds of the lockdown in a composition about grief and unity.

Household Requiem is a collaboration between Mexican artists Tania Candiani and composer Rogelio Sosa with the Grace Chorale Brooklyn, Jason Asbury, Music Director, to be presented in the framework of the Common Frequencies Exhibition at BioBAT Art Space in Brooklyn. 

Household Requiem, by Tania Candiani, Rogelio Sosa and The Grace Chorale Brooklyn.

Interspecifics in collaboration with Patricia Rea, 2021

Almost non-human
by Interspecifics

Almost non-human is a theoretical-practical workshop aimed to young audiences, in which participants become aware of the vast number of microscopic life forms that inhabit the world and of the fundamental role they play in achieving its optimal functioning. During the workshop, the participants will carry out an investigation about the characteristics of some of the members of this microbiota and will develop a first-person narration, using science fiction and futurism strategies coined by cyberpunk. These strategies imagine how the last 24 hours of this species on the planet would be and what would be its relationship with the human being they inhabit. All the narrations will be audio recorded to form an “end of the world radio” that collects and leaves a historical legacy of these stories.